Read this BEFORE trying Younique!!

We’ve seen pictures on Facebook of women we went to high school with bragging about their lashes, having the perfect foundation for any skin type and promoting their makeup business. If you’ve ever sworn off direct sales, raise your hand!

I raised my hand too, but I’m typing so I put it back down. Let me tell you my problem with direct sales. Sometimes you get oversaturated what WHAT the person is selling that you can’t see WHO is selling. Let me introduce you to the exception.

erinThis is Erin and this is a Younique Presenter. There’s no facade, there’s no back handed sales pitch, it’s all on the table. Here’s WHY this is important. You can find makeup anywhere. But what if purchasing makeup meant that a mom got to spend a little more time with her babies? What if it meant she felt empowered for having her own business? What if getting out of bed, putting makeup on and having something to be accountable for brought her out of a dark place? These are just SOME of the things that can happen when you choose to shop with a direct seller. Not everyone is brave enough to share their, “why” but Erin did.  Before I get into my honest review of the products, watch this:

Posted by Erin Tucker on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Keep in mind that every person that is making posts on your newsfeed regarding their awesome product has a “why,” but whether or not that person chooses to make a connection – a TRUE connection with you is the wildcard. With Erin, we have a friend that cares much more about US than the sale.

Now let’s get into the products. I’ve done a few #GetReadyWithMe videos on my Facebook page. So let me tell you about my first impressions. Erin graciously sent me samples to try which quickly led to me making my first purchase.

touch mineral foundation

The Touch Mineral Foundation in the Shade Organza was my first purchase. Before you apply it MAKE SURE you shake it up! I have oily AND dry skin and this foundation works great. I get buildable coverage that looks airbrushed.

I messaged Erin and asked if this stuff was supposed to make your skin better when you used it. My skin feels SO DAMN GOOD when I use this. Even when I take it off. I went exploring on Younique’s website and found out that this IS a skin nourishing foundation. I have much less redness when I use this continuously. This foundation does oxidize slightly (as most foundations do) so I’d say to maybe go a shade lighter than what you’d expect.

I’m so SAD that Younique discontinued the mineral pigments because they were seriously amazing! I did snag up a funky color before they left. I also went after a trio of the Stuff Upper Lip  Lip Stain – that’s a mouthful! Let me tell you – this does NOT burn!! It’s almost watery and stays for hours! It’s not drying at all and you don’t need a special product to take it off. I enjoyed mixing the colors to create a unique (pun intended) look. Use additional coats to get a deeper and more rich color. Here is my first attempt at trying to ombre’ three of the colors.


AND for the GRAND finale! Younique’s newest product is their EPIC Mascara!

Confession Time – When I’d see pictures of the 3D Fiber Mascara, it never really looked like a look that I was going for. I like soft, fluffy and fluttering lashes. But when I saw pictures of the new one-step Epic Mascara, I was SOLD. These are my personal results:


Silky soft, NO flaking, no clumping, easy to remove when any makeup remover and EXACTLY the kind of long fluffy lashes that I want. It’s buildable, but I personally prefer one coat.

If you’ve been putting off trying Younique because of the types of sales-y pitches you’ve been seeing, give Erin a chance. You’ll be missing out on seriously great products if you keep putting it off because of the wrong presenter.

Because of my awesome experiences I’ve decided to co-host a party with my amazing friend Amber. August 17-24, see what it’s all about here: Back to School (Beauty ed.)

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