How to Have a Successful Pearl Party

I have a special place in my heart for my party hostesses. You are introducing me to your friends and family and I want to do everything in my power to earn their patronage and have fun with our pearl family.

To have to most successful party we need to work together. Here are some things that YOU can do to boost party sales and earn more hostess rewards:

  1. Encourage pre-orders with an incentive. Consider parting with a hostess reward (credit, half price item, or exclusive item) once you reach X preorders. I think 5 preorders is a great place to start for a giveaway. Usually that means your party will qualify before we go live. Preorders get the party moving faster. The more pearls are revealed, the more people get excited and order one for themselves.
  2. Talk it up. Try to give yourself enough time to talk about your favorite items or experience a couple weeks prior to your party. Don’t be pushy. Subtly take a selfie with your favorite piece. Don’t make it the focus of your post BUT be sure to mention it.
    • Go live when you get a piece of jewelry. Or ask your friends and family what piece of jewelry they think you should pair with your outfit on Instagram.
  3. Share my page & videos. I know we ALL love watching different pearl girls (myself included) but prior to your party try to just share my shows. Sharing different consultants may confuse some customers and that may affect your pre-orders & party sales. Inviting your friends to watch will also help get them acquainted with our awesome pearl family and feel included.
  4. Offer a giveaway (or two). One of the main reasons you’re hosting a party is to earn free stuff. I totally get it. BUT if you want to have a super successful party then consider offering a giveaway at certain thresholds:
    • $250  – Offer a hostess exclusive piece
    • $600 – Offer an inexpensive item from the catalog
    • $1001 – Offer a shopping spree
    • **These are just some ideas. It’s totally up to you if you do or don’t give anything away at your party.
  5. Encourage your guests to book a party with me. Every time a guest from your party books a qualifying party you will earn a $25 booking certificate. Do that 3 times and you get $75 and a string of pearls!
  6. Think about a home viewing party. Make it a pajama party, have some wine and a girls night in. Vantel is ALL about the experience. You won’t believe the energy of a home viewing party. Having upbeat energy really helps the flow of the party and actually boosts sales.

Hosting a party should be a fun experience. Don’t stress over it. I believe by following these tips you WILL have a successful party. Set goals for yourself, envision yourself on a Vantel shopping spree and make it happen!

Also, feel free to share any of my pictures. If you are going to use other customer images I ask that you get their permission first. Apps like Word Swag or Picmonkey will help you make super cool images for your to share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy shucking!!

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