What The Actual Shuck?!

March 27, 2017 will mark the very beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am a stay-at-home mom and while I feel incredibly blessed, I also struggle with feeling stuck. I’d love the opportunity to work, contribute financially, have goals to meet and exceed all while making new connections. Up until now, it hasn’t exactly been an option for me to go back to work. Not only would I have to pay for a sitter, but with therapy schedules, parent’s day out, baseball practice and just needing some time with my babies, it didn’t make sense to commit to a confined schedule. I truly believe that the conflicting emotions I had about this topic were contributing to my anxiety and depression.

Well, one day I tuned in to one of those Facebook live pearl parties. I was so enthralled with the process of finding the perfect oyster and excited to see what beautifully colored pearl popped out of said oyster. One day I decided I needed to participate in the fun. I decided to purchase a piece of jewelry and join one of these pearl parties. I chose the Mother’s Love necklace. There were other pieces that I loved to but honestly, I wanted the chance to pick two oysters. During the live party I waited my turn and the excitement was building! I wanted a dark oyster that was fat at the bottom. I picked my two and anxiously waited! Out popped one frosty white pearl and one dark purple pearl! How perfect! Two totally different pearls to represent my two totally different boys!

Just several short weeks later my beautiful necklace came in the mail and it was stunning! I was hooked and wanted to host my own party. It was a breeze hosting. I created an event, invited my friends, and showed them how gorgeous the jewelry was. Just like that, the orders came in and I earned hostess rewards. I purchased the 3 of Diamonds necklace (because I wanted to shuck more oysters!) and I earned a hostess exclusive ring. That means I got to open 4 oysters! It was just as exciting as it sounds!

After my party was over, I was officially hooked. I messaged my pearl girl and told her I wanted to be part of this business too. Since there was a temporary hold on recruiting I (im)patiently waited until it was my turn to be part of this amazing business! Fast forward to March 27, 2017. That is the day I have been granted the opportunity to officially become a Vantel Pearls Consultant. That’s the day I order my kit and start my business. That’s the day that the journey to find a balance between working and motherhood. I’m nervous as hell, but I am part of an amazing team that is so incredibly helpful.

We’ll have giveaways, mystery hostesses and oodles of fun! I cannot wait to get started and let you all experience the thrill of opening an oyster. If you’d like to view the catalog and be notified when I go LIVE, please give Pixie Dust Pearls a like and be sure you’re following me on all social media platforms. Thanks so much for your love and support!

Below are images of all my Vantel jewelry so far. I think I have a knack for picking out purple pearls!








2 thoughts on “What The Actual Shuck?!

  1. Congratulations! I still struggle with the battle of being a working mom vs. stay at home mom EVERY DAY. Working mom is still winning, but it is hard either way. Good luck in your new adventure!


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